Wedding Day Picture Dilemma

Wedding Day Picture Dilemma

Ben knew that one of the major things about getting married is taking lots of lots of pictures. He didn’t mind this as he wanted to make sure that he had plenty of pictures to look through someday. The picture aspect of getting married seems a little out of date though. When Ben and his fiancée had sat down to look at picture examples with their wedding photographer they all seemed so perfect.

The fact that they all seemed to perfect was the problem. Everything seemed too picture perfect. It seemed like the people in them were trying to create the perfect image. And Ben understood this. A wedding is a happy event with couples that were madly in love and wanted to display it in the pictures they took. However, Ben wanted pictures that were going to capture the true essence of this big day.

For instance, Ben was sort of a goofy guy and he didn’t take pictures very well. If you looked at any of the pictures he was in he always appeared to project this goofy energy into all of them. You wanted to smirk or laugh, but for a good reason. Ben’s fiancée on the other hand was sort of shy and when she would smile you could see the bashfulness in her look. You could tell that she was trying to give the world what she thought they wanted, but was certain shy about it.

The bashfulness of his fiancée was something that Ben absolutely loved and it was one of the reasons why he fell in love with her. Any pictures that were taken on their wedding day he wanted them to capture this authenticity. He wanted to let his goofy side show and he wanted the bashfulness of his fiancée to show. If things didn’t turn out picture perfect, then this was something that he wanted to be okay with.

So the question becomes how do you project that honest essence into your wedding pictures? Well Ben came up with a few ideas:

  • Pretend that there aren’t any cameras around at your wedding the best way you can. This would ensure that you never felt like you had to be on for the camera or that you had to worry about being trying to act in a way that’s not natural to you just to look good in a picture.


  • Pretend that there are no people watching you at your wedding. Even when pictures aren’t being taken, you still might be at the mercy of the snapshots people take with their eyes. Not to mention the smartphone cameras everyone carries with them. You don’t want to have to be on for the professional photographer or for any guests at your wedding.



  • Get all the formal stuff out of the way first and then let lose the rest of the way. Ben felt like this was the best way to go. They could do a few formal shots, but then the rest can be natural. No posing unless this is something both of them wanted. After the formal part Ben wanted anything to go, funny faces, gestures, etc.


Yes, lots of pictures on your wedding day is an expectation, but you don’t want to feel like these pictures are something someone else wants and not what you and your fiancée want. Ben wanted authenticity and he felt like this was the best way to capture the true essence of not just him, but his fiancée. If you feel the same way, then don’t be afraid to let other people know this, especially your wedding photographer.