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Hypothetical Questions For My Wedding Day Or Yours

Hypothetical Questions For My Wedding Day Or Yours

My father always told me that the best way to know if my wedding is going to be right is to ask myself hypothetical questions. He always said that he wanted his little girl to be absolutely sure about her big day and the best way to do this is to create insane questions that will help me to have perspective. Well my main thing was I wanted to enjoy my big day. I wanted to get energized by it, not feel like I was going to be drained by it.

I’m sure there are a lot of ladies out there that have the same dilemma as me. So when you think about some of the questions I’m going to go over I want you to take them lightly and have fun with them. Here are some of the hypothetical questions I came up with:

If I were someone wanting to go to a party and my wedding were looked at as a party, then would I charge money for the drinks or would drinks be free so that everyone can get as smashed as possible?

If someone had to choose between coming to my wedding versus going to the wedding of someone else, then why would they choose my wedding over someone else’s? What would it be about mines that made people choose me instead?

If my wedding were going to be a 30 for 30 one day, then would it be something I looked back on fondly or would it be one of those cautionary tale type 30 for 30 episodes? Would people gather around to watch for all the wrong reasons or for all the right reasons? Continue reading 

Wedding Day Picture Dilemma

Wedding Day Picture Dilemma

Ben knew that one of the major things about getting married is taking lots of lots of pictures. He didn’t mind this as he wanted to make sure that he had plenty of pictures to look through someday. The picture aspect of getting married seems a little out of date though. When Ben and his fiancée had sat down to look at picture examples with their wedding photographer they all seemed so perfect.

The fact that they all seemed to perfect was the problem. Everything seemed too picture perfect. It seemed like the people in them were trying to create the perfect image. And Ben understood this. A wedding is a happy event with couples that were madly in love and wanted to display it in the pictures they took. However, Ben wanted pictures that were going to capture the true essence of this big day. Continue reading