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Celebrating Love With a Jewish Wedding Photographer

Celebrating Love With a Jewish Wedding Photographer

Chicago Jewish Wedding PhotographerA cynical man once said, “Celebrations are for reaching a goal after a period of long, hard work. That’s why a wedding is the least likely time for a party.” Marriage is a difficult road, sure, but a kosher wedding is a celebration of the hard work it took to cultivate the relationship to the point where a wedding with a Jewish wedding photographer is appropriate.

A kosher wedding is about two people recognizing that life is hard work and that it can be more easily enjoyed with another person. While the choice of the person can complicate life, Jewish weddings celebrate a love that has begun to grow and has reached a watershed point. Love is the most powerful feeling a person can experience. Weddings are a celebration of love. But Jewish weddings are not the culmination of love; if it were, that would only mean a decline. The culmination ought to be reached long afterward, perhaps dozens of years later, perhaps not until death.banquet hall Chicago suburbs

Jewish weddings mark both an end and a beginning, as is the case in most important events in life. To capture such a moment is infinitely important because the mind only remembers what it will. A Jewish wedding photographer does more than commemorate, he captures raw emotion that can never be repeated because the kosher wedding is an instance. It is quite literally, a snapshot of love beginning to unfold.